terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

7 week old

Your baby can keep her head is fairly steady now. She's also starting to control her feet and hands instead of just waving them haphazardly. Try holding a toy or rattle up in front of her and see if she makes a grab for it. Give her a cheer her when she gets it. She'll thrive on your encouragement for the rest of her life! There's one big change that happens around this time that will truly melt your heart. And that's when your baby looks you straight in the eyes and gives her first smile. Now that the early weeks are out of the way, you can start to relax can have fun with your baby. So get ready for plenty more smiles! E já sorriste, já sorriste! Mas uma coisa por demais, a olhar para a mamã, sentada no meu colo, uns 6 ou 7 sorrisos seguidos, daqueles de boca mesmo rasgada em que até levantaste a linguinha! Demais, demais. E eu? Derreti, efectivamente...

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