quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

37 weeks pregnant

Only two weeks or so to go! This week, your baby is busy shedding his downy coating of fine hair (called lanugo) and his coat of vernix caseosa, the cheesy substance that protects his developing skin. Your baby swallows both of these secretions, which stay in the bowels until birth. Then your baby will excrete a blackish waste called meconium that becomes his first bowel movement. Meanwhile, you may be feeling huge and increasingly impatient. But try to get as much rest as possible even if sleep is difficult, you'll appreciate it after the birth.

2 comentários:

Guia disse...

Quero ver como vais meter a terceira barriga na foto ali em cima lol :)

Mamã disse...

Ui! Ainda não tive a segunda e já estás a pensar numa terceira barriga?? Estás muito à frente, too much :-)