quarta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2011

3 month old, fourth week

Try this with your three month old: put on your dancing shoes, hold your baby close and move to your favourite music! Support her head gently but firmly as you sway backwards, forwards and from side to side. Dancing together lets her experience smooth, fluid movements, something she's working on developing but hasn't yet managed. Plus, it's a great workout and mood lifter for you. / Your baby can't sit up yet but she's definitely thinking about it! You may find she enjoys being gently pulled to a sitting position from lying on her back. As the weeks go by, you may find your baby "asks" to be pulled up and grabs your hands when you hold them out to her. Your baby changes so fast at this age. Keep your memories safe by backing them up digitally or have prints made and create a photograph album.

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