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“16 Month Old”

Some days you won't be able to imagine a better age. Your toddler can scribble loopy pictures for you, play peekaboo at a moment's notice, and participate happily in the ever-popular body parts game ("Where are mama's eyes?" "Where's your nose?"). Yet, on other days, your child gets so frustrated by his own limits, he'll cry and scream for what seems like hours. It can be as frustrating for you as it is for him, but it is a normal part of growing up.
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Games toddlers play
At 16 months, your toddler may like scribbling, enjoys helping you around the house, and may be able to put his finger to his lips and say "shhhh." He also likes peekaboo, stacking blocks, and playing body part games like "Where's baby's nose?" He's probably willing to co-operate with dressing and, about this time, he'll begin to take an interest in going up and down stairs -- though he may not navigate them alone for a few more months.
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The challenge of mastery; feelings of powerlessness - Advertisement
Your 16-month-old still isn't that good at accomplishing the tasks he takes on. He misjudges the depth of a stair or gets his feet tangled when he tries to climb up into your lap. Building basic human skills is a frustrating business, and your toddler is struggling to feel in control.
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Tantrums are natural
Sometimes your toddler's feelings will overwhelm him, and he'll have a tantrum. It's impossible for him to stop the rush of tears and anger in the middle. Remember, he only has one way to let off steam. Unlike you, he can't channel it into something else like a workout at the gym. So during a tantrum, be patient, available, and willing to offer comfort or leave him alone, whatever he needs.
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Reading with your child
If you've been reading to your child since infancy, sharing a story together can be a calming experience. Let him choose the book -- even one you've read a million times. Together you can point out and name animals, objects, and colours.

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